Monthly Archives: September 2018

Small Payments are Big Business

There is a growing trend of using credit cards in place of cash. This is surprising given the fees and usability for credit cards for small payments. Many of us know that using credit cards online or in retail businesses is a poor experience and the experience is only getting worse. Do you swipe or use the chip? Do you …

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Mayer Multiple for Bitcoin Cash

Ask 100 market analysts when to buy or sell a Cryptocurrency and you’ll get 100 different answers. Some methods of valuation are better than others. One simple method I like is called the Mayer Multiple (MM). Trace Mayer is the man behind the Mayer Multiple but it’s on The Investor Podcast site where they’ve taken this metric to a new …

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Waiting patiently

This pattern will resolve soon. Conveniently around the same time as when BCH fork drama is resolved. (click for big)

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