Monthly Archives: August 2017


On June 29th I wrote about The Crypto Stock that’s better than GBTC. MGTI is up 189% since that post. Why? Well, it may be related to these tweets. On July 18th┬áJohn tweeted that Bitcoin would be $500,000 in three years. Bitcoub's low of $1,800+ yesterday simply could not be maintained. In the long term Bitcoin moves above $500,000 within …

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Bought some Alt Coins here

Posting from the road so will be brief. I am now ~10% in Bitcoin Cash and plan to increase that stake. Added some FCT, DCR, ARDR and ETC here. A BTC correction will pump all the other coins. Also hold some XMR but I have lost faith/patience in Monero as a whole. 4H Charts of $LISK $DASH and a few …

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Bitcoin Cash Lays Siege to the Crypto Throne

In this blog I am going to highlight the recent Bitcoin Cash developments and share a possible scenario that could have you banking mad Bitcoin Cash. I will endeavor to lay off the technical details but I encourage you to look up and understand any terms that are not clear to you. Bitcoin is not going anywhere. You cannot ignore …

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