Monthly Archives: October 2020

Trick or Treat: BTC Hash Collapses by 30%

Brief weekend update on BTC. Network Hash has collapsed by 30+% resulting in high fees and very slow transactions. The reason for the hash collapse? Chinese miners who rely on hydro power are no longer receiving plentiful cheap energy as China enters the dry season. The increase in energy cost results in less profitable miners shutting down and a collapse …

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Billionaire Boys Club

If you had 1 billion dollars how much due diligence would you do before opening 8 or 9 figure positions? I’m curious because some of the largest investments I see in BTC defy logic. Sure, if you’re a crypto kid in your mom’s basement YOLO’ing BTC is fine, but if you have 9 figures in a public company’s treasury I …

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One Chart

This chart presented by TAAL’s Jerry Chan at last week’s Coingeek conference sums up the investment thesis for Bitcoin SV. Full presentation here. This chart represents the point when the BSV mining network is being sustained by transaction fees rather than by block rewards. Keep in mind, the block rewards in Bitcoin are programmed to decrease every four years. Sustaining the …

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