The largest BTC conference in the world is happening this weekend. Day 1, June 4th, is available here:

Let’s see how BTC Miami is going:

Oof, let’s check in on a keynote from Day 1, Max Keiser and Michael Saylor.

The biggest reason to go to these conferences are the networking opportunities and contacts you make. Imagine paying money to go to a conference to talk to guys like this …

I encourage you to watch Day 1. See how far you can make it and if it makes you bullish on BTC. I watched a few hours of the stream. It was a train wreck. The crowd was noticeably uncomfortable and agitated. After all, they paid $1200 to be in a tent and sit on folding wooden chairs to hear people talk about HODLing. And those were the lucky ones. The rest of the ticket holders were outside waiting in a line that stretched for 14 blocks only to be told the venue was at capacity.

Perhaps more worrisome for BTC is that there was zero talk of innovation, scaling or future utility. There was plenty of discussion about price targets!

Day 2 livestream is here:

Next weekend the BSV focused Coingeek conference happens in Zurich, Switzerland. It will be live-streamed. Watch BTC Miami then watch Coingeek Zurich.

This is the investment opportunity of a lifetime. Do your due diligence now.


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  1. should someone tell them they are talking about bsv or let it be a surprise?

  2. The video clips I’ve seen from the Miamo conference were almost like the ones BitConnect made. Hey-hey-heyyyy-wasu-wasu-wasuuup…

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