Monthly Archives: May 2020

BTC transaction fees hit $1,000

On May 14th several BTC users paid transactions fees over $1,000. Let’s dig in on how this is happening. Here’s a random screenshot taken at 1215PM EST on 05/15/2020 from this website: click for big Notice the columns in red. Inputs and fees are correlated. BTC users are paying ~$2 per input used in a BTC transactoin. BTC is …

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The Information Renaissance

Mankind is shifting into a new era I am calling The Information Renaissance. The Renaissance was the period in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries when there was a surge of interest in and production of art and literature. … In Old French renaissance means “rebirth.” You can see the need for a rebirth of information all around us. Misinformatoin has been …

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