Monthly Archives: December 2016

This is your Final Warning

Bitcoin is ready to explode. This is your last chance to get on board before we visit $1,000 and beyond. This vid starts with an ex FB exec redpilling the audience with Bitcoin. Then we have Richard Branson and a few other folks talk about Bitcoin. Chartporn: That is BTCUSD vs FANG. BTCUSD is cucking FANG. In fact, BTCUSD …

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Money has nowhere to hide

India demonetization, Italy’s referendum as a precursor to leaving the Euro, Venezuela hyper-inflation, negative interest rates, the¬†Euro and USD almost at parity. What’s it all mean? Last month’s prime example: India is putting their cow worshipping population under the boot and forcing them to open bank accounts so the Government can more efficiently rob their own people. And what’s the …

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