Monthly Archives: June 2021

El Salvador Isn’t Using BTC

Let’s get some facts straight on the stories about El Salvador adopting BTC as legal tender. First, the average retail worker’s wage in El Salvador is ~$400/month. The average transaction fee on BTC is ~$5 and has recently spiked over $50. Given these facts how would a person making $400 / month use a system that has fees for a …

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Markets and Little Fluffy Clouds

In the post we’ll review trends and targets for BTC and ETH. BTC daily cloud below. There were several notable moments on this chart: when price broke below Kijun (red line) around 56k, when price closed inside cloud around 50k and finally when price went below cloud around 42k. All of those signals were tradable. Behind the paywall I’ll show …

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The largest BTC conference in the world is happening this weekend. Day 1, June 4th, is available here: Let’s see how BTC Miami is going: BTC Miami is the new Fyre Festival. — Emin Gün Sirer🔺 (@el33th4xor) June 4, 2021 Oof, let’s check in on a keynote from Day 1, Max Keiser and Michael Saylor. where did we go …

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