Monthly Archives: October 2021

Crypto Fundamentals

The term “Crypto Fundamentals” is an oxymoron.┬áThe two words don’t belong in the same sentence. Ethereum network fees are north of $50. Some NFT projects on ETH have suspended operations due to high fees. BTC, the market cap leader in the space, is capped at transmitting 1MB of data globally every 10 minutes. DOGE is #10 by market cap. Do …

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Who is John Galt?

In three days the Kleiman vs Wright trial will begin in Florida. Ira Kleiman, estranged brother of the now deceased Dave Kleiman, is suing Craig Wright for 1.1 million BTC on behalf of the estate of Dave Kleiman.Ira is asserting that Craig and Dave were behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym and are the joint creators of Bitcoin and as such …

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