Nassim Nicholas Taleb is hitting BTC cucks between the eyes with two by fours of logic.


Taleb’s Twitter account is locked so let me summarize his replies to the angry BTC crowd with a picture.

I don’t know what Taleb will say at the pro BSV Coingeek conference in June. But the fact he’s telling BTC cucks on twitter to fuck off regularly is highly entertaining. Considering wine shill Gary Vaynercuck backed out of speaking at the January Coingeek conference because some people were mean to him on Twitter I think Taleb will be a much more interesting guest.

Given Taleb makes a living pointing out how systems need to be “AntiFragile” and how to avoid “Black Swans” he may call out every crypto coin in existence, including BSV. Maybe this is a chance for BSV to win a debate against a formidable adversary. Maybe Taleb wrecks everyone on stage and then stops off for some shawarma on the way home. I don’t know.

What I do know is that the dumb BTC shillionaires like Novogratz and Draper will pay attention. Nassim is a critical thinker. Whether you agree with him or not, it’s dumb to ignore him, and that is why BTC is so triggered.

As far as markets, I am still bearish. If BTC goes under 28,600 I think there is a good chance of another fast leg down to 15k.  If BTC is going to 100k why not wait till the move confirms up first? The rush to BTFD is silly.

I’m prepared for the worst and hoping for the best (not you BTC).

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