The speaker list for the (BSV focused) Coingeek Conference June 8-10 has been updated.

Looks who’s been added.

Mr AntiFragile himself, Nassim Nicholas Taleb is now listed as a speaker at Coingeek. Predictably, Crypto Twitter has erupted in fury. It’s hilarious.

Mr Taleb has been very critical of BTC for a long time. He’s recently been seen roasting small blockers like Erik Voorhees:

The BTC cancel culture is in full effect crying about Taleb’s scheduled appearance. They succeeded in scaring Gary Vaynerchuk (weak sauce) from the last Coingeek conference. Something tells me they won’t have the same luck this time around.

If Taleb will be joining, what are the chances of additional surprise speakers?

What do you make of Taleb speaking at the BSV focused Coingeek conference?

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