Bought some Alt Coins here

Posting from the road so will be brief.

I am now ~10% in Bitcoin Cash and plan to increase that stake. Added some FCT, DCR, ARDR and ETC here. A BTC correction will pump all the other coins. Also hold some XMR but I have lost faith/patience in Monero as a whole.

4H Charts of $LISK $DASH and a few others show a rapid rise in past couple days.

That’s the precursor to what’s to come in my opinion. I believe the alt rally will be short lived. Alts are where Bitcoin bulls go when Bitcoin corrects. Alts were destroyed when Bitcoin started running. Alts will recover a bit when BTC corrects.

It’s all foreplay for Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash. It is going to be epic.

I am buying dips on Bitcoin Cash.

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  1. I moved to BCC from BTC as the opportunity seems better given the shift in mining profitability although it seems as though as long as new investors/traders enter the crypto space, there will be demand for BTC since many exchanges use BTC as the base currency for trading into alts.

    I think NEO will continue to catch ETH even though ETH may start to run again soon.

    Greater opportunity for big %age gains in smaller alts if you get it right.


    to name a few on my radar although much of my work on making these selections amounts to guesswork…lol

  2. so funny. thanks for that video.

  3. What % of your crypto portfolio do you typically keep in BTC? Thanks!

  4. I throw shade on XMR today saying I lost faith and it explodes for new ATH in USD and is up 40%. Hasn’t stopped yet.

    I had an open sell order so I got cleared out at (small) profit. Blah, a profit is profit I guess.

    No telling how high XMR may go. XMR was held down a long time. This could be the pump/drawdown then new normal it’s deserved for a long time.

  5. ETH may be starting to make a move. Looks a lot like BCC last week. After being stuck at $300, finally moving up quietly.

  6. Any thoughts on the recent falling hash rate and weaker transaction volume for bitcoin? Is the lower hash rate expected due to segwit or siphoned to bitcoin cash? The picture for bitcon has become less rosy for me at least temporarily. Ultimately, I think instant transactions linked to bitcoin must happen (lightning/segwit) but bigger blocks are also needed to make this properly work at scale. Instead, this combined needed functionality has been split. Makes one wonder if there is a divide and conquer agenda out there. First bitcoin variation to have both wins- bothered by possibility of more forks and more dilution ahead.

  7. An alt coin with market cap of $1million is still far better than fiat.

    And some of them have complimentary features to bitcoin – it’s not an either/or thing. Litecoin, Ripple, NEM, Monero, and others have very good futures. They have proven themselves, all but Monero have market caps above $1,000,000,000. Bitcoin itself was only $7 Billion just 12 months ago. Now its over ten times that. None of the alt coins had a market cap above one billion 12 months ago, now the top 10 do.

    BTC will become unaffordable, as it already pretty much has, and laypeople will migrate to promising alt coins (Litecoin was $4 six months ago, Ether was $7 9 months ago). SIA, DGB, XRP, and NEM have promising tech and are still measured in fiat dimes and nickels. That will not last.

    Bitcoin used to be over 80% of the crypto market cap, now it’s steadily under 50%. BTC is king for its security, store of value, and exchange uses. But other coins are still knights’ templar, or some other fitting analogy of being close to king.

  8. It’s my understanding that Ripple not mined. It doesn’t mean that speculators have not made a lot of money on it.

    However, it does mean that Ripple is like digital fiat.
    They can conjure up as much of it at will. There is not cap.

    RE Bitcoin, anyone can buy as little as 1 one millionth of a bitcoin. That means no one should be excluded due to price.

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