On June 29th I wrote about The Crypto Stock that’s better than GBTC. MGTI is up 189% since that post.

Why? Well, it may be related to these tweets. On July 18th John tweeted that Bitcoin would be $500,000 in three years.

When someone replied they would bet him here was John’s response:

And here is MGTI’s chart since that tweet. This shows the market likes a committed CEO! You don’t hear about Elon putting his dick on the line do you? Forget getting an MBA, swing your dick around the boardroom and see your company reap the rewards.

Elon Musk has nothing on John McAfee.

End of year target for MGTI >$10. Short term pullback likely. John is aggressively positioning MGTI to be the largest Bitcoin miner in North America.

If you want to make money in a gold rush sell shovels.

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  1. Thank you. I bought at $1.37 after reading your post. I will be adding on the next pullback.

  2. CS, with Bit coin price moving higher and Bit cash moving lower are your thoughts on BTC still the same?

  3. Can you really make money mining bitcoin/crypto in USA with cost of energy? Competing with China is tough with their cheap (subsidized?) energy, cheap labor and cheap equipment (which MGTI bought from china). I also noticed their pro forma on how much they are going to make on this venture did not include payment on equipment costs. Was in this partly thanks to you but have left the party with a quick big return (thanks coinspeak/ en1gma). Moving it to direct crypto bets and glad John is adding to hash power.

  4. I have a business in Vietnam 5c/kw about same as China, thought about mining here, but then again I am in mind to just buy the currency and forgo the capital outlay on good equipment.

  5. also bought on your June recommendation.
    great call!

  6. Just fhe name “Ethereum” gives me pause. But congrats to all miners….,so far…

  7. Added 50% to my IRA thanks to your recommendations.

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