Monero, The Little Pony That Could

If Bitcoin is the Honey Badger then Monero is the Pony Badger. (Monero’s lead dev goes by the name FluffyPony)

If you’ve been following me I mention XMR often. I have no position now. In fact, I sold it at $85. Today Monero is a few dollars away from $500. You’d think this would be me right now:

But I’m not. When I sold XMR at $85 I bought BCH at $380.

You can see how this much winning can get old.

XMR is THE anonymous crypto. $ZEC is not anonymous by default and their initial launch was kinda shady. XMR has scheduled hardforks, a system for funding improvements and so far has proven to be reliable and unbreakable. Makes it a unique and valuable coin.

I don’t give specific trades because this blog is purely entertainment and not financial advice. AND, looking at a chart $360 has a decent chance of getting a fill on flash pullback.

Keep in mind we are building the most elaborate financial sandcastles. One strong wave will wipe the beach clean except for the strongest coins. These are epic times. Winning is easy. Just protect your house from the inevitable wipeout.

Post wipeout and expectations reset we’ll change the world.


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  1. Looking at open source code for Moneroon github. Do the Japanese and South Koreans like it? This is all i look for.

  2. The future is tokens with fast transaction times, low fees, secure, plentiful, inexpensive, practical, easy to use, incognito. BTC is none of that.

    • Wait, did he just say “The future is tokens with fast transaction times.” I suppose you started to see the upside of cryptos right around the time you took your dick out of the flys ass.

      • From day one I called bullshit on BTC, even when it made sense to mine btc with CPU; long time ago. The limitations were clear. All is different today with Verge and Monero, first two baby steps in the right direction. There will be better developments – faster, private, secure, convenient, etc. than those two.

  3. Your whole point was mute when you said you sold at $85. There’s not a chance you paid less than $85 for XMR because before that you were bitching about politics. A real pro would have realized the value in both and used additional cash to buy BCH – not get out of XMR to get into that position. If you didn’t shit on this tech for so long you would have gotten free Bitcoin Gold because you had Bitcoin back when it forked. Winning, yea, you’re winning, but so is everyone.

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