Merry Cryptmas from John McAfee

John McAfee of “I will eat my own dick”, selling AntiVirus empire to INTC for $7B and marrying prostitutes 30 years his junior fame is handing out presents this week.

John highlighted BURST coin on Dec 22.

Here’s the 175% return on BURST in the 23 hours following his tweet.


John also tweeted about Digibyte (DGB). It rose 70% in one hour.

But then…..John mentioned Reddcoin (RDD) which I have never heard of….

and this is what happened to the chart.

How does a 1H 63,000% return sound? Would you like to 63x your money in one hour? Someone did. BTW, I have no idea if John’s RDD social media claims are true and, frankly, don’t care enough to verify it. If someone does please report back.

This all seems illegal right? Totally not. Crypto is not regulated (to my knowledge) in this area and John is just mentioning coins.

What does it mean for you? Well, you could buy a bag of shitcoins and hope John calls your number. It’s risky but buying a big bag of shitcoins and holding months at a time has proven to be very profitable in the past. Your risk is your coins don’t get called and the recent alt coin run up is retraced quickly.

John also mentioned XVG recently and Verge went parabolic. Verge was mentioned in comments here a couple weeks ago. Shame on me for not looking more closely.

I have an idea of what coins John may mention next but I haven’t made any moves yet. What coins do you see as good candidates?

Here’s some Holiday Cheer from It’s a Wonderful Life. Scene seems appropriate to this post.

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  1. If this isn’t a straight up buy for MGTI, I don’t know what else is.

  2. I think he will mention ICO

  3. John McCoffee is the pump-and-dump posterboy.

    • The “do you wanna trade some shitcoins” vid is great. thanks for putting that up. must watch for comic relief.

  4. McAfee is my Libertarian hero!

    It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to see what a truly psychotic, heavily armed, Libertarian would do sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Cryin’ shame.

  5. Hi coinspeak, what do you think of #Poet?, I have read the white paper, the website has a very active blog, telegram channel is active, the product looks very simple yet powerful use of blog chain tech. ‘ownership of digital creative assets’

    I put in just a small amount of $

    • There are over 1,000 coins/projects in the market. Haven’t heard of POET.

      What is the USP on this one?

      • I hadn’t heard of it either but after seeing this post, I noticed it was getting pumped along with TRX on Twitter and StockTwits. I bought some POE at 3.2¢ and it’s done quite well since. TRX has done a little better but I’m not complaining. Thanks Georgie!

  6. I only have a Coinbase account, what other exchange(s) are the best to use, it feels like theres something at least a little shady and/or pain in the ass with all the rest – Bitstamp, Bifinance, Bitrex (closed for new accts)

    • I have accounts all over the place. They all seem to work just fine. I open them as I chase specific coins not offered on an exchange I have an account on.

      Coinbase of course. Bitfinex if you’re not in the US. I don’t use it anymore. Bittrex, HitBTC, Coinexchange, Cryptopia, Binance, Bitstamp…take your pick.

      I have a second Bittrex account that I’ve never used. I might be willing to sell it…lol.

  7. Congrats Fly! I knew you would eventually come around. Welcome to the dark side.
    In the next few months you’ll make more than you did in your whole life-to-date.
    You’re stubborn and slow; but smart and relentless. I’m sure DigitalAssetExodus will kick massive butt. Recently I’ve been doing quick and dirty reviews of 100-200 coins. Unfortunately, For my first 9 months I listened to BTC maximalists. I did well, but I’d be retired now had I gotten onto the alt train sooner. But it seems the months ahead will be more insane – in a good way. I think you will be a billionaire before you get around to releasing Exodus-DA.

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