Key Level for Bitcoin Cash

$1,560 is a key level for Bitcoin Cash. This level has served as important support and resistance. Once broken we could see a violent upswing.

In the words of the immortal Jesse Livermore:

Prices are never too high to begin buying or too low to begin selling.

This technical level for price is a natural place to pause. There is the May 15 hardfork three weeks away and many other projects in motion that are bringing the value prop of BCH into sharper focus: Money Button, MemoBCH SDK and others. Yes, these look like immature products. They are. It’s still *early* in Crypto. Have some foresight and fortitude for once in your life and stop chasing shiny objects.

All it takes to be Warren Buffet in Crypto is to hold for more than 180 days.

Zooming out on Crypto understand this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yes, you may groan at that kind of hyperbolic language but it fits here. Don’t let your cynicism ruin the opportunity. You plebs bought the TSLA dream and think you are geniuses for worshipping at Church of Elon but meanwhile you are missing out on the actual future of money because “you got it all figured out”. Don’t do that. Be humble. Consider the possibilities.

Tim Draper says Bitcoin will be bigger than TSLA and others combined:

Crypto is in an S curve adoption curve over a 10+ year timeframe. We are entering the vertical ascent. Yes, there will booms and busts along the climb. Don’t count it dead and don’t (necessarily) wait for the best entry point.

And regarding what coins to buy I have been clear in my opinions and reasons. One thing that has shifted for me is that it may no longer be the best strategy to buy an index of the top 20 coins and wait. This strategy was a monster the past 2-3 years but I think the market is smarter. The cream will rise to the top. Comparing to dot com days, don’t buy Xcite when you can be buying Google.

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