Snowflakes Sue

Some BTC Snowflakes have created a website to promote a frivolous lawsuit claiming that is intentionally misleading visitors to buy BCH instead of BTC.

The entire affair is comical and will backfire. Here’s the background: Roger Ver AKA “Bitcoin Jesus” owns Roger became a BCH proponent early on. He added BCH to and over time BCH has taken a more prominent role on the site. The lawsuit claims newbies to Bitcoin may go to and buy Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin. Yes, that’s the basis of the lawsuit. Someone *might* buy BCH instead of BTC.

This gets into the Bitcoin civil war that has been raging for years. Let’s entertain a scenario where this gets to a court (will never happen).

The judge would have to determine “What is Bitcoin?”. Well, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology BCH is Bitcoin:

Put more bluntly:

Which leads us to:

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  1. But “The Lightning Network” is the wave of the future. What can possibly go wrong with transactions being in segregated pools off of the blockchain, controlled by banks and corporations? BCH is the most underrated coin out there (yes more than Litecoin), and it will be epic when people finally understand. The phrase “The Flippening” will not even begin to describe it.

  2. NIST already stated they are going to fix the mistake they put in their draft version. I’m not sure why you would keep repeating this as it is going to backfire.

  3. alittleknowledge

    The creation of BCH was a good thing for the ecosystem. It spurred competition. I f’d up listening to the BTC maximalists early on. That said, if BCH has heavy usage; it won’t scale (as is) either. Just like BTC. These are still early days. They will work this stuff out going forward.

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