Manias, Bubbles and S Curves

In late 2017 I talked to Fly about doing an IBC Crypto Boot Camp. I created some content but didn’t follow through with Fly on organizing the Boot Camp.

So, I’ll release the material I created for free. High level summary is that Crypto is in an S Curve of adoption. The bubbles along the way are expected and opportunities to buy low / sell high. I CALLED THIS IN 2017.

There is nothing but bad news about Crypto now. That’s the perfect buy signal. Start accumulating now and be prepared for a wild ride. The bear market is not dead yet so buy wisely, but do buy and stick to quality coins only. Timeframe: 6+ months.

Here’s your free content: Manias, Bubbles and S Curves.

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  1. Agreed. Still early days
    crypto market cap $0.2 trillion
    gold market $7.0 trillion
    stock market $55. trillion
    We don’t need much.

    * I own this:
    no brainer – company is 1 yr old
    2nd Qtr profit: $200 million (more than Deutsche Bank) – not saying much
    2018 projected: $1 billion
    over the next few years their industry is expected to grow 10 to 100x
    and the business is: ?
    clue: the #1 exchange

      • Indeud! Anyone paying attention would know that in milliseconds.

        I just heard an interview with the author of the Bitcoin Standard.
        He believes bitcoin is the only non-shitcoin. He may be mostly right. I’m sure his book has many good points. But to believe that ALL other coins and engineers working on them (thousands? 10’s of thousands?) are worthless seems to indicate a level of ignorance beyond belief for an “expert”
        I may read it some time or not; but I will not buy it.

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