Buying Blood

Deflating a bubble is painful, expectations are crushed, portfolios liquidated, communities disbanded. Malinvestment warps any market.

The gold rush caused by BTC appreciation caused a market for shitcoins to emerge that rivals other bubbles in history. There is a predictable cycle to all things and crypto is not immune:

We’ve all heard “Sell when others are greedy and buy when others are fearful”. This is easier said than done! It is difficult to act counter to emotion and market momentum. Yet, acting counter to the trend is where the most money is made…and this is one of those times.

End of 2017 we had “Weak Men Create Hard Times”. The BTC core team and the shitcoin project devs looking for easy money created hard times for the entire market. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt was everywhere. Clowns like McAfee were given platforms to shill their scam projects. Emotions ruled.

2018 has been “Hard Times Create Strong Men”. During this bear market projects have died, money has been lost, hype unraveled. And yet, development has continued in Bitcoin. There’s been a stunning number of advancements from developers like the pseudonymous _unwriter as well as advances in projects like MoneyButton and HandCash (all on Bitcoin SV).

This continued work in a down market has prepped us for the next phase. “Strong Men Create Good Times”. The foundation has been laid. Let’s see how it’s being built on.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast. They discussed Bitcoin and Jack stated he only held Bitcoin. Jack also owns Circle which has BTC listed for purchase. What’s significant about this is Jack stated he’s interested in what coin is resilient. In that Twitter thread Jack is redpilled by numerous tweets about BSV vs BTC.

This is important because there are many Billionaires with pro Bitcoin stances. Jack, Novogratz, Draper etc. The thing is they are all backing BTC, but they are now hearing about BSV. When these billionaires inevitably shift their investments there will be an upheaval in BTC and BSV markets.

One reason I believe this will happen is that the conversation around Bitcoin is maturing (slowly). One example is this video by “Bitcoin and Beyond”. (put aside that they look like homeless basement dwellers and just listen to the audio)

This video lays out a series of events which builds a story around Bitcoin. Looking at the history of events a pattern emerges. It would take a few hours of following the links in the video to get the full picture but since I have already done that I can say that what emerges is a consistent message about Bitcoin over the past several years, all linked back to Craig S Wright. This consistent years long message is becoming more and more manifest in Bitcoin SV.

The plan is coming together.

Bitcoin SV plans to scale capacity aggressively, open the use of Bitcoin SV as a commodity ledger and to lock the protocol so that businesses can build on top of a stable platform that is decentralized, supports instant transactions and is immutable.

Most of the crypto community has not reconciled all of these developments for themselves for numerous reasons, but they are coming around. As they do, they find that these capabilities only work on Bitcoin SV. One example is Kevin Pham, who previously was a hardcore BTC proponent, and is now tweeting positively about BSV. These are the early tremors of a major shift.

Today it’s Kevin Pham. Tomorrow it’s the Bitcoin billionaires and Wall Street discovering the truth about BSV for themselves and buying.

You have the opportunity here to be positioned for greatness. It’s not easy to make bold bullish predictions in down markets but this is a unique opportunity. Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin and it will be the only surviving Cryptocurrency as well as a universal commodity ledger for information worldwide.

BTC will destroyed.

Act accordingly.

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