Time to Pay Attention

There are moments in life where things seem effortless. During this time your performance is extraordinary. You look back and have no words for it. You were “in the flow”.

These are peak moments. Most humans spend their life chasing peak moments.

I am inviting you to be “in the flow” with regards to Crypto. A peak moment is coming. A moment where you will make outrageous returns with minimal effort. You will have no words for what will happen.

For several years there has been infighting within the Crypto community. This has resulted in Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Who’s right? Who’s a fraud? It’s been a mess. But it was necessary.

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. – Mark Twain

The truth is now becoming clear for more people. The lies are being exposed. The momentum from those who discovered truth early and went to work creating this future are now showing results.

Craig Wright is rumored to be on Bloomberg today. This will be his first appearance on a major network in years.

Satoshi had scaling, economics, and the math right all along. Craig is Satoshi and his story is coming out. BSV is Bitcoin and will consume the entire Crypto market. This puts BSV well into 5 digit price territory and possibly 6 figures years from now. I am saying that knowing that BSV is ~$220 today.

Buckminster Fuller has a quote about trim tabs. A trim tab is attached to the rudder of huge ships. To move these huge ships they move the trim tab. This trim tab moves the rudder and the rudder moves the ship.

BSV is the trim tab for you portfolio. You want to move the immovable object? You need to use a trim tab. A small thing that makes a huge difference.

Come get in the flow. All it takes is an action as easy as buying BSV today.

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