Simply put, time is limited for Crypto. I expect another bear swoon maybe as soon as this Summer. The counter to this is Bitfinex and Tether will pump BTC in one last glorious exit pump, dumping at a peak on retail noobs conditioned to HODL. This will be the last hurrah. Regardless of timing, there will be a massive cleansing of Crypto. I called this BTC ponzi pump as it happened:
I wasn’t the only one:
This tweet was near the current BTC top: This call on BSV paid off well if you took it at $57. Within weeks it hit $240+ and is now sitting around $160.
So how does this end? All the shitcoins, including BTC, with their broken economic models, experimental blockchains and “second layer” solutions will fail. This may take a year or more but it will happen. Only one coin will survive.

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