Apple punches Fitbit in the kidneys

$FIT is off almost 10% on news that Aetna is reimbursing policy holders for purchasing Apple Watches due to studies showing owning an Apple Watch improves health. “Beginning this fall, Aetna will make Apple Watch available to select large employers and individual customers during open enrollment season, and Aetna will be the first major health care company to subsidize a significant …

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Brave Browser is tits

I downloaded the Brave Browser and I am impressed. Sites are loading faster than Chrome and all the annoying ads are gone. Brave also has a built in Bitcoin wallet to reward sites I visit most via micropayments. As an example, CNN is a pig of a site that takes 5-10 seconds to fully load in Chrome. That extra time …

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We’ve reached peak Facebook, YouTube etc.

Le Fly posted about YouTube blocking certain content creators. Reminds me of Twitter and Facebook “curating” their users’ newsfeeds. Should we be surprised? No. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This type of subjective censorship won’t last on the Internet. There are now decentralized competitors popping up in many areas: Arcade City vs Uber, Steemit vs Reddit, YouTube vs ????. An example of …

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