How I Feel About Your Face(book)

Facebook says mobile users will hurt their ad revenues the same day they announce a Facebook App Store.

Why an App Store when Facebook admits that the mobile experience is becoming the default experience for users (a MOBILE experience that is decidedly not Facebook friendly)? Because once a dumbass Facebook user signs up for an app, that app has access to their information AND every one of their friends. So screw the user experience, let’s focus on sharing your information and profit! It’s called digital sharecropping and as long as the user feels the good outweighs the bad users will ignore the downside. Once Facebook goes public and they can’t hide the devious shit they pull people will get a clue, then it will be gameover. Facebook is a game changer all right, a game changer for privacy.

Facebook is the AOL of 2012. It’s trying to be the Internet, but it will fail and it will fail spectacularly. Apple and Google have App Stores. Facebook, you are too late and you suck at life. Fuck off with your half hearted attempt at a Facebook App Store so you can snoop on our friends and steal our information.

The Facebook IPO will be laughable. Either as a DOA basket case of a stock or as the straw that breaks the global economy back.

Scared yet? You should be. Oh, you should be.

This is how I feel about Facebook.

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  1. Disagree. FB is monster. You are WAYYYY too jaded.

  2. Regardless, FB’s timing may truly be their downfall…..
    Too bad they didn’t IPO earlier this year. Now Europe is set to implode, impacting the rest of us. ugh.

  3. You really need to let go of the past. This is not dot com 2.0 bust.

  4. Agreed. It will be a self-fufiffled boom because other people are just hyped up because simply other people are hyped up about it without financial and statistical data. It will reinvigorate the markets, especially the week of. I suggest you look at ZNGA within the week after and look at the gains it will make as well, since its a complementary company to the success of their applications and software.

    I believe FB will be a hit, at least for a short period of time after its release. After however, I would be weary of potential downfall and gains because it has a lot of expectations that it must fulfill to investors and the market. There are also a lot of policies and practices that the Facebook management might have not disclosed as mentioned that could end up fucking them up the ass like I’m doing right now to my dog.

  5. Facebook short term will likely be a monster, but they have no long term plan. Their advertising model is effective (today) but I don’t see them making the right moves to protect their turf or grow beyond their current momentum. They are a one trick pony. Their closed system is their advantage, but it won’t last. For now they are kings but tomorrow they will be paupers.

    Facebook has ~800 million users? Are they going to start giving Facebook accounts to people on Mars to keep growth going?

    I am not jaded on all tech but I am jaded on Social Media Hype Jobs. Social Media is a fad that will evolve but to believe that YELP, P, LNKD etc are game changers is laughable to me. It’s pure speculation and Facebook shows they are not immune by paying $1 Billion for Instagram. Complete idiocy.

    I bought CMGI during the dot com boom. I made great money, then lost those paper gains inside two weeks. Play the game if you must, just know when to leave the table.

  6. What is this “Facebook” of which you speak?

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