Stick a Fork in $YELP

Google just added a “Local” section to Google+.


Partially true. Today. But the people that matter do (the early adopters), and the rest will follow. Google has a long term plan to organize the world’s information. Ever use their search? They seem to be doing a pretty good job of it so far.

As far as users, the yardstick by which these services are measured, Google reviews are already integrated into Google Maps, which people use everywhere. Works great on mobile.

(EDIT: Just found out GOOG bought Zagat. I did not know this and so changes some of the angle of the rest of this post, but I have not edited anything from the original)

YELP put up a fight when Google began integrating YELP reviews on Google services. I am not sure if that’s still being done, but if it is and I were YELP I would encourage it…hoping one day I could marry my baseborn children to the regal house of Google (no Lannister).

Sure, YELP has mobile apps. But YELP is a one trick pony while Google + is a darkhorse. The kind of horse that sneaks up in the middle of the night and violently horsesexes other Internet companies.

The Social Media party is over. There will be contraction. Labeling yourself as “Social Media” is the 2012 equivalent of being a dot com. Social Media will no longer be a special term, it will be part of life and any added value will disappear. The bloom is off the rose.

The Internet is king. User experience is king (no AAPL). Access anywhere is king. Google is all these things. All hail the King.

YELP won’t die today, but the writing is on the wall. If they are smart they’ll be YouTube and cash out so they can smoke Rick Ross blunts rolled from the flayed skin of their competitors. Hopefully, YELP won’t channel GRPN who has teetered from one near death experience to another a la Gary Busey.

I’m not a buyer based on a buyout, but I think it’s YELP’s best future hope for investors and their own longevity to be an arrow in Google’s quiver.

The time is now for YELP to make that move.

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  1. I can tell you read the books, since the whole bolton plot was altered for tv

    • I am on the last book now. I am not sure how you picked out the Bolton plot line from this post. Please do tell.

      • lol was thinking the same. i didnt see a bolton mention.

        regardless, no one uses google plus. NO ONE. take this from someone who just finished college with 12 cousins my +/- 5 years around my age… 17-27. None of us use G+ and none of our friends do.

        • Do you have a gmail address? Do you use any other Google services?

          Google is building a very nice ecosystem. True, G+ users are lacking but G+ is less than 2 years old.

          G+ is a superior platform with granular sharing controls on EVERY post. Try FB mobile and G+ mobile. Hands down G+ is a better experience and mobile is king.

          Try a G+ hangout. That shit is unbelievable. Works from your phone.

          Try Picasa and see how it integrates with G+. Then laugh at FB.

          Give it some time. With Zuck at the helm I believe FB will continue to shoot itself in the foot.

          I am actually happy when people tell me GOOG sucks or they don’t like G+. It means there’s still so much more upside!

        • I think he’s referencing the “flayed skin” reference. Roose Bolton is fond of flaying his enemies.

  2. leftcoasttrader

    Google is already a conglomerate so it wouldn’t surprise me if they start buying up whatever Facebook may want. Starve the competition if you can.

    If Facebook loses that “cool” factor, which it probably will as everything eventually does, it will have to move towards being more of a tool than an experience. That is where Google+ is going to be able to out gun it.

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