Bitcoin: We haven’t seen anything yet

Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market¬†are on fire. And it’s quite possible we haven’t seen anything yet.

Here’s a two year chart. Look at the trendline.

That trendline is the beginning of the trend noted below. We are moving from Innovators to Early Adopters.. Money is flowing in. Notice we will go vertical soon (late 2017 to 2018-ish) to fulfill on the chart below.

Here’s another chart from this excellent article about the different adoption rates of various technologies. Notice the adoption window is becoming shorter and shorter. If you put Bitcoin on this chart it would be just under the first horizontal line (penetration) and be vertical (adoption rate). By 2020 I expect we’ll be well into our Early Majority stage.

Here’s a great video of James D’Angelo talking about S curves and it’s comparison to Twitter, Google and Facebook. Bitcoin will crush those returns. Keep in mind, this video is at least two years old.

Here’s my take on Bitcoin and the S curve. Buckle up buttercup, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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  1. Good post!
    Agree, Bitcoin adoption will be a faster rate than internet adoption.

    Just getting started? Want to get up to speed?
    Start with Andre Antonopolis vids such as:
    In Dec I watched 30 hrs of him.
    For up to date stuff, but more technical:
    on youtube
    Bitcoin meister
    Tone Vays
    The Cryptoverse
    World Crypto Network
    BTC Sessions (how to)

    • I own a few and have no clue what I own. I don’t know how to remove them from my coinbase account, create a wallet, spend them, etc. They just sit there and appreciate in value. Maybe someday someone will publish something the layman can understand.

      • Buy a hardware wallet: trezor, ledger, keepkey, etc.
        You then do a send from Coinbase to your hardware wallet.

        That’s like taking a couple thousand dollars out of your bank and putting it into your safe at home.

        Then if coinbase goes bust; it won’t matter to you.

        • Thanks for the info but this is an example of the difficulty I have. I’m sure I can go and figure out how to get a wallet and then perhaps even using coinbase to move my coins to this wallet but since i would only be following instructions while. OT truly understanding what the hell im doing, I have little confidence in myself getting it right and fear that I would screw it up. How would I know that the coins are in my wallet? What would I be looking for? A bunch of letters and numbers? This is where I hit the wall and decide not to even try.

          • While NOT truly…

          • I went thru the same scary process. Here’s an easier 1st step:
            Send a tiny bit (like $2.00’s worth) of BTC from Coinbase to an online wallet like Copay or Airbitz that you set up.

            Then send it back to coinbase. I did several tiny transactions of a couple dollars back and forth until I got comfortable.
            If you lose 2 bucks it’s not the end of the world and you learned something.
            You’re already ahead of 99.7% of the people because you already bought some BTC.

      • Maybe someday someone will publish something the layman can understand

        You’re right. It’s confusing and somewhat difficult.
        That just means it’s early days. They will make it easier to use going forward. When grandma can buy Bitcoin; the price will be much higher.

  2. From the ‘you couldn’t make this shit up’ file:

    The SWIFT network, yes the worldwide international wire transfer system,
    runs on Windows Vista
    an obsolete operating system that Microsoft no longer supports.

    bitcoin runs on the latest, being created as we speak, software.

  3. 1) Is it too late to get in?
    2) Is it different this time?

    1) no
    market cap of Bitcoin $25 billion
    market cap of many cryptocurrencies $42 billion
    market cap of Exxon $346 billion
    Any questions?

    2) no
    This is a market like every other.
    But it’s early days (see # 1)

  4. Fucking nailed this as usual homie. Post more please. Other investment ideas as well.

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