Bitcoin just enjoyed a “selling climax”. Like most climaxes people are not thinking clearly post coitus.

We are repeating Wyckoff cycles over and over. I believe the technical term is “Bitcoin is fractal like a motherfucker”.

Link to live chart below where you can play forward the realtime data on tradingview.


And this chart is especially hilarious because the price goes off the chart, literally. Follow the link and press play.

That’s an example of an accumulation zone and markup. These zones are getting bigger and bigger. We’re going to enter into crazytown soon. More info in the video below.


7 thoughts on “Today is a good day to buy Bitcoin

  1. By your chart, Phase D, about to enter into Phase E on a break above the prior up thrust. I like it. Was thinking about selling some coins, as my basis is $428. May hold off and see where this runs.

  2. Warning: I have mostly bitcoin on a Trezor, but 2+ weeks ago I bought some spec altcoins on Worked great – sort of – they doubled. Only one little issue, when I tried to move them off of Poloniex. I couldn’t. I created a support ticket to complain. Apparently they don’t want to hear about any problems.

    Since then my account became inaccessible. That was 16 days ago. I emailed them. – No response whatsoever. You can’t call them – no phone number to be found.
    The site says they are in Wilmington, DE, but it appears they are actually in Bumfook, Montana. BBB also contacted them – no word back.
    Get some BTC!
    Supposedly they are a large coin exchange. They must be working fine for most people.

    1. I got my money back from Poloniex. woohoo

      After 21 days of silence, I got access to my account. When I tried to send out status was shown as Awaiting Approval. A day later it was finally released.

      I think it was my complaint to BBB that got them to fix the problem.
      Poloniex said I had filed ‘false’ information ooooooww because I used my first initial instead of my first name.
      You can send them money with no identifying info whatsoever;
      but when they send you the money back, oh, now we have to know the customer.
      what a crock of shit

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