Everyone is a Bitcoin Expert

Bitcoin breaks $15,000 and everyone is an expert. It’s amazing how that happens. I wonder where all these experts were when I recommended it last Summer. I look forward to you all sharing your wealth of information and insights based on the CNBC article you just read.

Moments ago I received a call from a friend saying he was introduced to a Crypto opportunity where he makes money whether the price goes up or down! Well that sounds amazing. I am deleting my blog and twitter asap and sending him all my money to manage.

So, here’s the list of posts you can read before I delete everything. Limited time only. The experts are here. I’ll just let them take me the rest of the way.

Sept 8 2016 Bitcoin vs Gold  (BTC was $630 when this was posted)

Sept 19 2016 Man sells house for Litecoin (LTC was $4 then, it hit $200 today)

Nov 7 2016 Calling the $1,000 roll when Bitcoin passed $750

Dec 6 2016 – Final Warning to buy under $1000

I think you get the idea.

Fly has hinted at a Crypto Bootcamp. What do you guys think? Tell Fly if you want this or if you’re content to coast on the what Brian Kelley and Jim Cramer tell you. I’m just a guy who’s been publicly calling the shot for over a year, what the fuck do I know?


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  1. Fuck no I don’t want a crypto bootcamp.

    Morons everywhere are full tilt into this trade. A stupid vision of the future where trust is digitized but third parties are still needed and take fees from everything. But screw the Government and banksters.

    • Bitcoin is designed to be trustless. It was created by cypherpunks who trust no one. You just showed why a boot camp is good idea so I will count you in.

      You also hinted at the reason Bitcoin isn’t my favorite crypto anymore.

      • It’s billed as trustless but it isn’t. All comes back to the code and the people running the code. Forking is enough proof of that.

        • Bitcoin is open source. Anyone can look at and verify the code. But you’re in the right neighborhood as to what all the drama is about in BTC.

    • OK, with all this chatter, does anyone here own cryptos? If not.. BULLISH

  2. I’m definitely interested. I’d like to see analysis and sharing of knowledge on Alts – a lot will be worthless but some will be epic.

    • Think dot com days. Pets.com advertised on the Super Bowl and six months later was chapter 11. Everything in Crypto is accelerated. It’s a Gartner Hype Cycle on cocaine stuck on repeat.

      • Get it while you can but step aside before the big drop.

        Would you consider it still early in the life cycle of the boom before the eventual bust?

  3. I for one would be interested as a student, since I do not know much about this asset class.

  4. What’s going on with Bitcoin Cash?

  5. I’m in. Give me 25-30 minutes and I’ll be right over.

  6. This blog would be more readable if it didn’t sound like every other Fly copycat Finance blogger. Just write well and leave the braggadocio out. Coin bootcamp would be very interesting.

    Kind regards,
    Mao Junior

  7. I’m definitely down for a Crypto Bootcamp, a meet up, a Vegas seminar, anything.


  8. I think the camp would be effective at helping to find reliable sites. I use Coinbase and they only offer the big three, GDAX works great for me. I am hesitant to try some of these other operators to trade the other crypto. I tried to find a site for IOTA but I think it was Bitfinex said no American customers. Since there is no SEC, no FDIC or other governing body, it would be nice to know what is proven reliable market and what is outright risky.
    Let’s be honest I’m sure some of these operations will outright collapse or fold overnight, or will find a way to outright steal from bank accounts, and a deposit of cash/coin gone( I am not talking the coins, but the markets).

  9. First, you have to get your head around the big picture. That would be day one. Cleanse the palette for the remaining days.

    Other requests?

    To answer above If you are in USA Bittrex is easy to use but no margin

    • Which exchange do you recommend that allows margin trading? Thx

      • Poloniex but it’s a bit sketchy. I wouldn’t put a lot of money there.

        Kraken claims to be very secure but their trading engine has horrible uptime.

        Bitmex and others have 100x leverage on Bitcoin but aren’t open to USA. Imagine how fast you can self immolate on 100x margin with Bitcoin volatility. Here’s a sneak peek. https://twitter.com/bitmexrekt

        • I’ve been using EtherDelta for a few months now and although the UI is fucking horrible, it has its own charms and has access to some of the more obscure alts.

          It’s also decentralised – which will be the way of the future.

  10. I’d be down. I suck at all things momentum and most things relative value. But eventually there will be distressed crypto assets which would be right in my wheelhouse. Might as well start down this road sooner than later.

  11. Adam Ludwin (open letter to Jamie Dimon guy) recently said he believes there will never be an ICO that gets aquired or IPO’s. Basically it’s such a sleazy way to raise funds that there’s no going back once you do so.

    Your thoughts?

    • ICO’s are pretty bad but they are no different than what the street has done for years.

      Never trust anyone, including me.

      The difference is crypto will be here for the next several decades. You’re still early. Just play smart.

  12. You don’t know dick.

  13. enigma,

    Very well played. When will you get “upgraded” from peanut gallery to featured blog?

  14. enigma,

    If I may ask, have you cashed out any of your crypto portfolio? A little?

  15. I’m in for bootcamp. A relative has been coding, mining and accumulating Monero.

    My perspective is more conservative on a Galactic scale having been in markets for…well a bit…y2k was a royal bitch…the year after.

  16. I would be in

  17. A bootcamp might be interesting. You seem to be knowledgeable. Only big strike against you is YOU GOT THE BIGGEST CALL OF THE LAST SIX MONTHS WRONG. #BCash

    • He didn’t say it would happen immediately. Patience is a virtue.

    • We have another expert!

      On October 25 I greatly increased my stake in Bitcoin Cash. Since then it’s up ~360% while BTC is up ~200%.

      • Not an expert. I know enough to know I don’t know shit. I can read and recall though and I do know you’ve been calling for a flippening since shortly after the fork. Even as recently as one month ago.

        “Predictions are a fool’s game but I’m a fool. I expect that BCH resumes it’s climb in next 48 hours and BTC will not reach $7,000 again. In a few months BCH will be king and BTC will be #rekt.”

        Time will tell, but that’s a big call that has been extremely wrong so far.

        That said, I enjoy your writing and will continue to read it.

        My novice strategy.
        80% BTC
        20% alts
        (LTC, EOS, DCR, UBQ, GVT)

        • I said predictions are foolish and I’m a fool to make it. I can’t make it anymore clear that I was being hyperbolic. But yes, Bitcoin has rekt that call so far. If you haven’t gotten rekt you aren’t a crypto trader.

          I have never advocated that anyone short Bitcoin. That’s a really bad idea.

          My new timeframe is 2018. BTC is fundamentally broken. Core may throw a hail mary and raise the blocksize in Q1 but as it stands now they are not competition.

          BCH is grossly undervalued.

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