Bitcoin is a dumpster fire

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I posted this yesterday.

We topped at $19,700. Life is cruel. Bon Apetit I guess.

We are experiencing an “accelerated buying opportunity”. Haha no, we’re not. We may be in for a $10,000 candle. We’re currently forming a $5k doji on the HOURLY. Insane.

Luckily as a veteran of the crypto wars I am 100% dead inside. $5,000 hourly candles? Fucking bring it. DO YOUR BEST. I have stared into the void. I am fearless.

I also own ZERO Bitcoin right now so this is pure entertainment for me.

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  2. What a tangled web they weave…

    They’ve been holding gold and silver down for so long by dumping paper gold & silver contracts on the market at key times. Now it’s coming back to bite them. Some of the long suffering goldbugs have realized their insanity & some precious metals money has been leaving the space – to where?

    To bitcoin & cryptos of course.

    Now they think they will do the same (manipulate the prices) with bitcoin futures. I’m not so sure they will succeed. It works with gold because you never have to deliver. But in the actual bitcoin market; you have to deliver – no maybe’s, no promises. In Bitcoin, the fantasy football (bitcoin) futures market is not the real game – just some shit going in the stadium parking lot (a bunch of drunks, roasting hot dogs, drinking beer & watching the game on their phones).

    We’re gonna find out next week.

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