Bitcoin Butthurt ATH

Bitcoin Cash was listed on Coinbase yesterday and the price enjoyed a violent move upwards. This was all telegraphed and predictable. There are a lot of retail investors looking for crypto exposure and Coinbase is a primary onramp for fiat. So, Christmas came early as I expected BCH to be listed closer to January 1st. Epic winship for anyone who followed me into BCH. Congrats.

And the result is the Bitcoin Core community has reached a new ATH in Butthurt. It’s amazing. To say Crypto Twitter is Bitter is the understatement of the year. I wrote about the division in Bitcoin in previous posts but if you’re new to Crypto Bitcoin Core has been in control of the development and direction of Bitcoin for ~2 years. When Bitcoin Core decided to change the Bitcoin protocol in fundamental ways in August 2017 a group of people created Bitcoin Cash to keep Bitcoin as Bitcoin. Now Bitcoin Cash is enjoying success as a healthy network capable of faster transactions and lower fees than Bitcoin Core and it’s being reflected in a rapid price/value appreciation. This is a great site for visual representation of the performance of the two networks.

The result of yesterday’s Coinbase release is those who adhere to Bitcoin Core are exceptionally salty about Bitcoin Cash’s success. Here’s a few samplings:

Several people also posted screenshots of their online filing to the SEC complaining about Coinbase listing Bitcoin Cash. BTC, the honey badger of crypto, has become an echo chamber of righteousness in which the horeshit above is nurtured and encouraged.


Bitcoin Core’s network is getting slower and more expensive every day. The Bitcoin Cash community is moving forward with plans for increased user and merchant adoption. 2018 will be a great year.

Here’s a video for the BCH haters:

Your Vag = BTC
My Vag = BCH

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  1. The Mona Lisa is funny, must admit.

  2. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Coinbase/GDAX users who were recently issued their BCH have not been able to sell it for the past day. Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. BTC is a dinosaur that will crash once large holders try to cash out. And they will jump out. Just like that LTC guy Lee this week.
    The trend, if there is one, is towards faster, secure, low cost, untraceable, low denomination tokens.

  4. Got in MGTI this morning. Stopped out on the way down to $6. Already bounced $1. My stomach can’t handle this.

  5. My reading of the overall action in the crypto-space: we have obviously gone full-blown, mainstream mania. Starting to notice some exhaustion though, which tells me most of the big gains have been had. I believe we will see a huge scare/wash-out in January, followed-up by a quick surge fueled by all the late-comers seeing an opportunity to jump onboard, then that will be followed-up by a bigger crash to crush all their hopes and dreams. Same pattern as with the great internet stock bubble.

    • I know a few people who have bought Bitcoin but that’s it. No one I know is buying the alts other than a few people close to me in this space.

      My assessment: the dot com silliness has yet to begin in earnest.

      Time will likely be compressed but this thing is just getting going.

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