Bitcoin Time Traveler

I used my time machine today to research what positions will be most valuable to the iBC community in 2018.

I returned to find a BCH explosion over $3,000 for a 100% rally in just under 3 days and a casual 1,000% since mid October. That’s good. Know what’s better? When you’re 98% in that asset. I’m not playing piker position sizing for risk management. Nope, I’m “irresponsibly allocated.”

I’m juggling live tigers on a tightrope over a shark tank.

And here’s what’s wrong with that. Crypto will ruin you. A triple digit gain over a 30 day timeframe isn’t worth getting out of bed! Make it 24 hours or less and I’ll muster a moderate amount of interest. This isn’t to brag. It’s a warning. Trading Crypto will hollow out your soul. You’ll be devoid of feeling. Weekly swings of 50% in your entire portfolio have a tendency to destroy your adrenal glands. Your body stops producing cortisol. Some coin you are 90% in on drops a -$1,000 HOURLY candle and you don’t even pause eating your sandwich. So, be careful what you wish for. Trading crypto has immense upside but no one tells you about the dark side. You will never be the same.

It’s late here now and despite the winship I see devils all around. When things are this good there is only one direction they can go. It takes discipline and focus to put that natural self preservation instinct aside and pursue the most obscene gains possible.

Risk management. That’s cute, now pass the heroin.





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  1. can’t find any definitive information on MGT capital investments and McAfee, from what i gather, he denies being involved with MGT, was just an advisor, and stated he was never paid, and will no longer communicate with MGT,
    can you confirm/ deny, or please provide links to any of the above ?

    thanks again


  2. Professional casino players are never “all in”. Or are they?

  3. Got in MGTI this morning. I hope I don’t lose all my money. Lol

  4. Hi Coin,

    Any thoughts on Cardano (ADA) and Verge (XVG)?

    Thank you

  5. Great everything in this post, well done.

  6. Wrecking adrenal glands is why we need the coke.

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