One Crypto Stock To Rule Them All

M G T I. Up another 30% today.

I called MGTI hitting $10 when it was around $3, possibly lower.

All my brokerage accounts are fully loaded in MGTI. I got shook out of one account but I corrected that error.

Yes MGTI is up 300% in a short time. Not worried. I am upping my target to $20 in early 2018. Don’t bitch if you buy today and experience a correction. You gotta call your own entries. I can only throw out names. It will be interesting to see what hits $20 first: EOS (the coin) or MGTI

Why MGTI? John McAfee is insane and I like that. Beside that they are building a North American based Bitcoin mining operation. No matter what coin wins they WILL make money. This is like buying a shovel company during a gold rush. This is a better thesis than the scam companies jumping on the Crypto train. MGTI is a legit crypto company.

Is that an oxymoron? “Legit crypto company”.

I recommend starting bags on all the anonymous coins. Governments are going to tax the shit out of crypto so anonymity is going to be BIG in 2018. AEON, XVG, XMR.

Second tier: ZEC (but really fuck that coin), KMD.

There are a few others but I won’t mention them due to possibly be scammy.

Here’s your mission if you choose to accept it. Start small bags in all these coins and then just sit on them. Sometime in 2018 they should explode. That may seem like obvious investing advice but in Crypto that has proven to be a stupidly rewarding strategy.

Your target is 10x or more. Don’t settle for less.

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  1. Buying alt-coins is a bitch … having to use currency convert sites and the likes. Fees up the wazoo.

    But I get your point. Start small. Hold them.

    I’m partial to Ripple and your Bitcoin Cash pick.

    Also a bit worried about these exchanges like Bitstamp, GateHub, etc being listed as foreign bank accounts and if you are in the US.. well there’s a good way to get audited.

  2. I guess we’ll find out if John McAfee has any business sense and sets up his north american company in Alaska, inside the polar circle; as opposed to some place w/i the sun belt.

  3. think i heard its gonna be in portland

  4. You forgot the best part, the company is now debt free going into 2018 and 5000 new miners set to be plugged in first quarter… and plans to get relisted.

  5. Nice call on Coinbase adding Bitcoin Cash.

  6. Thank you sir, for the legendary calls in BCH and MGTI.

    Question about ZEC: Why “fuck that coin” ?

  7. I am sitting on 2x in XVG with about half a position left. Should I just leave it be? What a run. I also added KMD last night and will sit on it. Thanks for the advice.

  8. can’t find any definitive information on MGT capital investments and McAfee, from what i gather, he denies being involved with MGT, was just an advisor, and stated he was never paid, and will no longer communicate with MGT,
    can you confirm/ deny, or please provide links to any of the above ?

    thanks again


  9. Buy Salt Lending tokens on Coingate or at least get a membership directly from Salt. You can then use your crypto as collateral for a loan instead of eating the capital gains tax and losing your position if the coin goes up. As long as you pay your loan off in a timely matter, you can keep your crypto and free up that money for other purchases or investments. The interest rates and terms are supposed to be reasonable, better than a margin loan from your broker. Not sure what the loan to collateral ratio is yet. Salt is supposed to issue loans shortly.

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