Bitcoin $10,000

BTC is currently trading at $9650. Up ~15% this weekend. $10k is our god given right at this point.

I made a vid on what I think will happen from a TA perspective.

Part two is here:

I moved from BTC to BCH in August and September. BTC has been a great performer.  BCH has been better.

BCH is ~$1700. I believe if it breaks $1750 in this FOMO environment it will quickly move to $2100. Keep an eye on that level the next 48 hours.

MGTI and GBTC should go full retard Monday morning.

The entire cryptoverse needs a good correction but that doesn’t mean BTC won’t hit 20k by Christmas first. Sounds ridiculous. Totally possible.

My hourly portfolio swings in this volatility now exceed the dollar value of my base investment by 200%. The gains in crypto are real.

Keep an eye on the BTC substitutes LTC and VTC. When BCH resumes gaining ground on BTC the BTC substitutes will have huge moves.

I remain irresponsibly allocated long in BCH confident that BCH will reign supreme and Monero will have an epic 2018.

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  1. $MGTI? I don’t know much, but related equities always woefully under-perform during a commodity bubble.

    People that bought $MGTI when Bitcoin was $5,000 are still 35% underwater.

  2. Do you have a paper on where you trade and general type of info?

    Can you short it? Seems frothy and if the 60m swing chart turns down could get a large swing down

  3. Open an account at Deposit USD. Once the account is funded, you can purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. You may also buy any of these coins using a credit card or by bank wire without funding the account but you will wait up to a week for the coins to hit your account. You will be participating in price action once you buy though so if you buy BTC at $9,600 today via a wire transfer, you won’t be able to access the coins for 6-7 days. If the price rises or falls while you’re waiting, you are gaining or losing during that time.

    You can also open an account, or multiple accounts, at various crypto exchanges. Bittrex is a popular one but there are many others…Coinexchange, Cryptopia, etc. Each offers their own set of coins for trading but the popular coins are generally traded on all of them. All coins trade in pairs with BTC, some with ETH. So if you own some alt coins and want to move to other alt coins, you first have to trade into BTC or ETH. Shape Shift allows for trading between some coins. More on that in the future.

    To move your coins from Coinbase to another exchange, you should go into your account on the exchange that you want to send the coins to and choose to add that coin. So if you bought Bitcoin on Coinbase and want to move your Bitcoin to your Bittrex account, choose to add Bitcoin in your Bittrex account. You will get a pop up screen with an address that looks something like this:

    cv78dnmjnRJ7s23MopMMu (not an actual address…lol)

    Copy this address. Now go back into Coinbase and choose to send Bitcoin to an address. Paste the address from your Bittrex account into the Coinbase send window. Complete the form and hit send. Double and triple check to make sure you copied the correct address!!!

    Shortly thereafter, your Bitcoin should show up in your Bittrex wallet. From there, you can choose the BTC-XXX pair you want to trade into and stacked bids and offers are shown.

    Lastly I suggest two-factor authentication for logging in and all transactions for an extra layer of account protection.

  4. Bitcoin WILL cure cancer !!

  5. Thank you – not sure their is much to do here with the prices extended like they are but will begin to setup an account through coinbase

  6. Coinbase set up- where can I find a charting service that has candlesticks, fibs etc that works for this? Hate to ask basic questions like this but this is sort of the unknown.

    The coinbase is quick and seamless

  7. Hi all,

    Question – people keep saying Crypto cannot be stopped by govt’s as it’s decentralised etc and as such, it’s just when, and not if, they eventually become legal tender.

    Ignoring the logistical side of things (ie. anything involving stopping users actually getting using it via the internet), if I was a Country that wanted to stop the rise of the crypto, I wouldn’t make it illegal, I would simply tax it to the hilt to make it unfeasible.

    Ie. Any Corporation receiving payments for goods using crypto get taxed at an additional 20%. Any individual who wishes to get paid in crypto, their income tax is usual tax plus an extra 20% (rates are just an example)

    With above, no govt. can be accused of banning Crypto, they just make it financially prohibitive to use.

    What’s to stop above? Or am i missing something?

    (Question also posted on one of Fly’s posts)

    • Any country that chooses to exclude themselves from the benefits of crypto only hurts themselves.

      They would want to do this to cover their own mistakes. It’s a losing battle. China may censor the Internet but imagine a prohibitive tax on it. That would put China behind the rest of the world. Yes, Internet causes Chinese officials headaches but they know it can’t be stopped completely.

  8. “…and not if, they eventually become legal tender…”, should be, “…eventually become MAINSTREAM legal tender…”

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