Bitcoin to the Moon

On the move today so I am going to share some videos.

I was on the local news yesterday.

Older vid I did on Bitcoin entering parabolic phase.

For your entertainment:

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  1. You seem to have been prescient with your $11,600 call.

  2. Dead set – was that really you? Nice work. Another example that crypto users aren’t all millennials still living at home under the stairs…

    Enigma, have you checked out PPT? I’m not trying to spruik it, I’m just interested in your thoughts on it as a solid use-case of the blockchain.

    Also, love me some Hyuna. K-Pop is nuts but they always look happy!

    • Never heard of PPT. I rarely trade outside of the top 10 coins for anything longer than a week unless I see a great chart setup.

      • If I’m not mistaken, I think Lapens is the one who called PPT at $3 on a Fly thread maybe 6 weeks ago.

        Price is now banging between $10-$12.

        Great call.

        • Yep, I got in at $2.70. Bought more at $4. Sorry to bang on, but it just strikes me as a perfect application of blockchain tech.

  3. What exchange should I use to buy BCH? What wallet? Thanks I’m still so confused.

    • Bitcoin Cash will be on Coinbase in January. For now you have to buy Crypto somewhere then move to another exchange like bittrex to buy BCH. It’s not easy. Means you’re still early.

      Buy a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet.

      • Where should I buy crypto? Where can I get an honest quote they are all over the place now that I’m looking.

        So you buy a hardware wallet and put your coin on that?

        • I’ll let someone from the US answer the first part of your question (in Australia I would recommend BTC Markets or Independent Reserve).

          As to the 2nd part, I have the Ledger Nano S wallet that coinspeak mentions. The whole purpose of the wallet is to store your coins on a device of which you control your Private Key. This key should never be shared, as it holds the key to all of your coins on the blockchain. It is highly recommended to use a hardware wallet as once you transfer your coins to it, you can then disconnect it from the internet and away from any hackers. Put it in the safe if you want!

          So, step-by-step it will look like this.

          1. Transfer fiat to exchange of choice.
          2. Purchase desired crypto – BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc.
          3. Your purchased coin will then be in your account on the exchange. Best get it off there asap.
          4. Transfer from the exchange to your wallet of choice.
          5. Your coins will then be in your wallet, and crucially, the Private Key for your coins will be on your wallet under your control.

          The last thing that I’d add is about step 2. Note that not all cryptocoins are available on all exchanges – it might only have BTC for example. Once you have BTC, there are then plenty of other exchanges that then allow you to trade BTC for each altcoin. You just move your BTC around the exchanges exactly as described in step 4 (although you will pay fees for each transfer!).

          Hope that helps – sorry if you already knew this!

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