4 thoughts on “Kleiman v Wright for $5 Billion

  1. Judge Reinhart: “Dr. Wright’s demeanor did not impress me as someone who was telling the truth,” the judge wrote. “I completely reject Dr. Wright’s testimony about the alleged Tulip Trust, the alleged encrypted file, and his alleged inability to identify his bitcoin holdings.” Indeed, Reinhart concluded that “Wright’s testimony that this trust exists was intentionally false.”

    The evidence establishes that (Wright) has engaged in a willful and bad faith pattern of obstructive behavior, including submitting incomplete or deceptive pleadings, filing a false declaration, knowingly producing a fraudulent trust document, and giving perjurious testimony at the evidentiary hearing.”

    I would say the chances of your boy addressing the United Nations are getting slimmer by the day..

    1. The structure of the trust is valid and the trust existed LONG before the court case. The judge never fully understood how key slices work.

      Was CSW creating trusts before he was sued? If so, he could probably make money using his time machine for other purposes.

      The case isn’t over. This was just a discovery phase.

    1. Do you suffer from CDS? Craig Derangement Syndrome. Dave Kleiman advised CSW against creating a trust to store CSW’s coins. Why would DK sign off on a trust he was advising against for Dave’s own coins? We could debate CSW endlessly so let’s not do that. Instead, let’s see what’s so in 2020.

      I’m gonna do you a favor. BTCBSV is ~75:1. Spend a couple percent of your BTC to hedge into BSV. You’ll be protected no matter which way this falls.

      Focus on scaling. That’s all that matters before the halvening next year. No scaling, no adoption, no future.

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